Dartmouth Flight Attendant Health Studies is now recruiting for Phase II of our study.

Effects of Meditative Movement on Flight Attendant Health

Background and Objectives:

  • Flight attendants who were exposed to second hand smoke in the cabin have a high rate of respiratory illness and related conditions including hypertension, inflammatory disorders and loss of endurance.
  • Phase I of our Meditative Movement study has shown to have a positive effect on health and wellbeing in the group of Flight Attendants who participated.
  • Phase I of the Meditative Movement Study was taught in person. During Phase II, we seek to determine if this program is effective when delivered via DVD or online.

Who is Eligible:

  • Flew for 5 or more years prior to the smoking ban on airplanes (1992).
  • Smoked less than 100 cigarettes in your lifetime.
  • Ability to communicate regularly via email and answer survey questions online.


  • Must attend three, 90 minute screening appointments over the span of 8 months at regional hubs that include but are not limited to: Lebanon NH, Boston, New York City, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Commit to practice at home and work to incorporate Meditative Movement exercises into daily life activities.
  • Complete a brief, weekly online survey for the duration of the study.

Additional Details:

  • There are no fees to participate and your insurance will not be charged.
  • Your privacy will be protected.
  • You may keep and use the Meditative Movement program materials at the end of the study.
  • Technical support will be available throughout the study.
  • This is a randomized interventional study. Some volunteers will receive the Meditative Movement program materials at a later date than other participants in the study.  This is necessary to maintain scientific rigor.

To participate you must contact:

Call our office (603-653-9972)
or fill in the form below.

Contact Form

These studies are being conducted by Dr. Mardi Crane-Godreau, PhD and Peter Payne SEP from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Mardi Crane-Godreau is a former Pan Am flight attendant who studies the effects of cigarette smoke exposure on the development of respiratory disease. Peter Payne is Somatic Experiencing Practioner and Master Qigong Instructor with interest in Neuroscience and Immunology.

  • Involvement in the studies is voluntary.
  • The information collected will be maintained and analyzed anonymously. Participants will have an option to receive results from analysis of the samples collected.