Make a difference for your health and for the health of other Flight Attendants

Research Choices:

  • Participate in pulmonary function and other health testing for Flight Attendants who flew before the smoking ban
  • Participate in a study to determine if meditative movement can improve the health of Flight Attendants who flew before the smoking ban

About the Flight Attendant Health Studies at Dartmouth

Your participation will contribute to a broader understanding of FA health issues and may contribute to determining if interventions can improve Flight Attendant health. We invite all current and former flight attendants to participate in this web-based study:

To receive official information about the studies or to participate in screening for the current study please contact
Mardi Crane-Godreau: Call: (603) 653-9970. email: margaret.a.crane@dartmouth.ed

Simple Movement Practices

Contact us to learn more...

Involvement in all studies is voluntary. The information collected will be maintained and analyzed anonymously. Participants in studies involving individual testing will have an option to receive results from analysis of the samples collected. Data will be used in both the Dartmouth and Harvard Studies.

Payne and Crane-Godreau Dr. Mardi Crane-Godreau is a former Pan Am flight attendant who studies the effects of cigarette smoke exposure on the development of respiratory disease. For the in-person studies, she is seeking volunteer current or former flight attendants who flew for more than five years prior to the ban on smoking in aircraft.

Peter Payne is the Co-Investigator in the Flight Attendant Meditative Movement Study.  He has devoted most of his professional life to studying and teaching bodymind practices.

We thank ZRT Laboratory and the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) for their support.