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There are more than 85,000 Flight Attendants
currently working in the US...

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Tens of thousands around the world
and many more retirees...

What do we know about their health?

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    Attendants who flew before the smoking ban

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Collaboration for FA Health

We are a consortium of researchers from Dartmouth College, Harvard University School of Public Health, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute who are dedicated to improving our understanding of flight attendant health.  Our goal is to align resources to bring you information about health, current research, and the opportunity to participate in ongoing studies.  Through our collaboration, we hope to provide retired, current, and future flight attendants a gateway to understand occupationally related health conditions.

Flight Attendant Health Study collaborators meet at the FAMRI Scientific Symposium in Miami, FL.

Flight Attendant Health Study collaborators meet at the FAMRI Scientific Symposium in Miami, FL. Left to right: Eileen McNeely and Sara Gale from the Harvard School of Public Health, Peter Payne and Mardi Crane-Godreau from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, and Anthony Brown from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Voices from the Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study Participants:


“This is definitely a profession that takes a toll on our health.”

“This study will benefit those who are just starting out and those who will be here long after I retire. Thanks again.”

“Wonderful research!  More research is definitely needed about the negative health conditions related to . . . the work requirements of being a flight attendant!”