The Flight Attendant Health Study has been running since 2007.  Please read our published research below.  For research related to flight attendant health outside of our Harvard study, please see below.   

Dorota Węziak-Białowolska, Piotr Białowolski, Irina Mordukhovich & Eileen McNeely. Work, Gender, and Sexual Harassment on the Frontlines of Commercial Travel: A Cross-Sectional Study of Flight Crew Well-Being.Aerospace Psychology (2020). 

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External Research Publications 

These are papers about flight attendant health published by other researchers outside of our Flight Attendant Health Study 

Peter Payne, Steven Fiering, James C Leiter, David T Zava, Mardi A Crane-Godreau. Effectiveness of a Novel Qigong Meditative Movement Practice for Impaired Health in Flight Attendants Exposed to Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2017. 

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