Frequently Asked Questions on the Flight Attendant Health Study

How do I join?  And what does it entail?

To join the study, it takes 20 minutes.  Go to the survey and answer questions about your health and work history.  That’s it!

Where can I see the results of the first Flight Attendant Health Study?

You can find the published the results of our first 2007 study here. We designed a new questionnaire based on your feedback.

Why is this study so important?

Because of a million reasons. For starters:

• Your health is important to us.
• You told us the industry and your job have changed since 2007.
• You wanted us to look at specific health conditions we overlooked.
• Health changes over time. Tell us what’s new.

How long does the questionnaire take to complete?

Take about 20 minutes of your time to inform our understanding of flight attendant health for YEARS to come. Join us at the Harvard School of Public Health by taking the questionnaire online.

Can I take it on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. You can do it on the go.

Can I take the questionnaire if I retired or left my job as a flight attendant?

Yes. We want to hear from EVERYONE. The only requirement for participation is that you worked as a flight attendant in the past.

I already participated in other flight attendant studies—what else does this add?

We are the largest U.S. flight attendant health study to date. Harvard has set milestones in the understanding of health with nurses (—we want to do the same with flight attendants.

Can any flight attendant or former flight attendant take it?

Yes! Power in numbers. Please tell your friends to go to our website The more flight attendants who tell us about their health, the more we know.

How can I contact you?

Please contact us here
The Principal Investigator
Dr. Eileen McNeely, Harvard School of Public Health
Email us