Mark Meyer, PhD

Mark J. Meyer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Statistics
Georgetown University

Mark J. Meyer, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgetown University. He is also affiliate faculty in the Center for Global Health Science and Security and part of the Global Infectious Disease Program, both at Georgetown as well. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bucknell University where he also taught statistics. He completed his doctorate at Harvard University in the Department of Biostatistics under Dr. Brent A. Coull. Dr. Meyer’s primary areas of methodological research are functional data analysis, wavelet and spline-based regression, categorical data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian statistics, and environmental statistics. Having worked with Dr. Eileen McNeely since 2011, Dr. Meyer is excited to continue this collaboration as part of the Flight Attendant Health Study with the goal of providing advanced statistical support and developing novel statistical methodologies to address the data needs of the study.