‘They’re hiding something’: Southwest flight attendant speaks out about severe reactions to uniforms

by Catherine Dunn, Updated: March 7, 2020 Her dermatologist put it this way, according to a medical form Osborne submitted to Southwest that September: If she “continues to wear the uniform, she will continue to have a severe rash that may reduce her ability to perform her duties.” Over the last decade, flight attendants at […]

Symptoms related to new flight attendant uniforms

Eileen McNeely, Steven J. Staffa, Irina Mordukhovich and Brent Coull 1/3/2018 publications Abstract Background: Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines reported health symptoms after the introduction of new uniforms in 2011. The airline replaced the uniforms in 2014 without acknowledging harm. To understand possible uniform-related health effects, we analyzed self-reported health symptoms in crew who participated […]