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Symptoms related to new flight attendant uniforms

We found the following symptom prevalence (per 100) increased after the introduction of new uniforms: multiple chemical sensitivity (10 vs 5), itchy/irritated skin (25 vs 13), rash/hives (23 vs 13), itchy eyes (24 vs 14), blurred vision (14 vs 6), sinus congestion (28 vs 24), ear pain (15 vs 12), sore throat (9 vs 5), cough (17 vs 7), hoarseness/loss of voice (12 vs 3), and shortness of breath (8 vs 3). The odds of several symptoms significantly increased compared to baseline after adjusting for potential confounders.

West Coast Study Recruitment Jan. 8-16! Come visit us.

Dear Flight Attendants, Our researchers will be going to three airports next week to get word out about our survey and sensor study! Here’s where you can locate us: SFO: We’ll be in Terminal 3 on 1/8-1/10.  LAX: We’ll be in Terminals 7 and 8 on 1/11 and 1/14, and Terminal 6 on the 1/12 […]

Flight Attendant Health Is Important To Us

 We understand relatively little about flight attendant health compared to other professions. Yet—flight attendants experience significant exposures on the job: long work hours, frequent time zone changes, air pressure  changes, awkward positions and lifting in tight spaces, turbulence, disrupted sleep rhythms, cosmic radiation, exposure to infectious disease, and psychological demands due to customer demands and need to […]

Tools for Empowerment

We offer these videos in the hope they may be useful to those recovering from stressful or traumatic situations including recent hurricanes. For an immediate way of letting go of stress and regaining strength and confidence, “Centering Down”. For a brief introduction to the theory of stress and trauma, watch Handling Stress and Trauma:   We wish […]

How can you participate? It’s easy! The Flight Attendant Health Collaborative seeks answers to Flight Attendant health issues.  How does you job effect your lung function? Can meditative movement improve your health? How does cabin air effect your health? Join today—the FA Health Study is also recruiting Flight Attendants from across the U.S. to take […]