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Pulmonary Function Abnormalities in Never Smoking Flight Attendants Exposed to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke in the Aircraft Cabin

Mehrdad Arjomandi, MD 1,3,4, Thaddeus Haight, MA 5, Rita Redberg, MD 1,3, and Warren M Gold, MD 1,2,3 1 UCSF FAMRI Center of Excellence, University of California, San Francisco 2 Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco 3 Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco 4 San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, University […]

Self-assessed occupational health and working environment of female nurses, cabin crew and teachers

Herdis Sveinsdo´ ttir1 RN, PhD (Professor), Ho´ lmfrı´ður Gunnarsdo´ ttir2 Msc, PhD (Senior Researcher) and Hildur Friðriksdo´ ttir3 MS (Research Assistant) 1Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, 2Research Center for Occupational Health & Well-being, Administration of Occupational Safety & Health and 3Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavı´k, Iceland Download the article: Flight Attendant […]

Air Transportation and Flight Attendant Health

A flight attendant’s job requires working at 35,000 ft altitude, ergonomic challenges while moving passengers, baggage and carts in confined spaces, circadian rhythm disruption, exposure to infectious diseases, ozone, cosmic radiation, low cabin pressures, jet fuel byproducts, pesticides, and flame retardants.

Associations between respiratory illnesses and secondhand smoke exposure in flight attendants: A cross-sectional analysis of the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute Survey

Background:Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) is associated with increased risk of respiratory illness, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Prior to smoking bans on airlines in the late 1980s, flight attendants were exposed to a significant amount of SHS. In the present study, we examine associations between flight attendant SHS exposure and development of respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular […]

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