Miscarriage Among Flight Attendants

Grajewski, Barbara; Whelan, Elizabeth A.; Lawson, Christina C.; Hein, Misty J.; Waters, Martha A.; Anderson, Jeri L.; MacDonald, Leslie A.; Mertens, Christopher J.; Tseng, Chih-Yu; Cassinelli, Rick T. II; Luo, Lian Epidemiology. 9000;Publish Ahead of Print:10.1097/EDE.0000000000000225. Abstract Background: Cosmic radiation and circadian disruption are potential reproductive hazards for flight attendants. Methods: Flight attendants from 3 […]

Flight Attendant Fatigue, Part IV: Analysis of Incident Reports

Federal Aviation Administration December 2009 Download the publication: Crew Fatigue IV CAMI 2009 Voluntary safety reporting is one method by which aviation personnel can report safety issues to their airline and the Federal Aviation Administration. The Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is a program managed by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research […]

Cancer incidence in airline cabin crew

Cancer incidence in airline cabin crew E A Whelan Evidence that flight crew are at increased risk for certain types of cancer is growing although epidemiological evidence remains inconclusive. Download the article: Cancer and Flight Crews – Whelan Conclusion: The evidence that flight crew are at increased risk for certain types of cancer is growing […]

The self-reported health of U.S. flight attendants compared to the general population

Download: McNeely_et_al2014_provisional Environmental Health 2014, 13:13 doi:10.1186/1476-069X-13-13 Eileen McNeely (emcneely@hsph.harvard.edu) Sara Gale (gale@hsph.harvard.edu) Ira Tager (ibt@berkeley.edu) Laurel Kincl (laurel.kincl@oregonstate.edu) Julie Bradley (juliembradley@gmail.com) Brent Coull (bcoull@hsph.harvard.edu) Steve Hecker (shecker@uw.edu) Background Few studies have examined the broad health effects of occupational exposures in flight attendants apart from disease-specific morbidity and mortality studies. We describe the health status […]

Flight Attendant Fatigue

Download: Flight Attendant Fatigue The Departments of Transportation and Treasury and Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill (House Rpt. 108-671) included a directive to the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct a study of flight attendant fatigue. The NASA Ames Research Center Fatigue Countermeasures Group (FCG) was contracted by CAMI to conduct the study. To meet the goals […]

Pulmonary Function Abnormalities in Never Smoking Flight Attendants Exposed to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke in the Aircraft Cabin

Mehrdad Arjomandi, MD 1,3,4, Thaddeus Haight, MA 5, Rita Redberg, MD 1,3, and Warren M Gold, MD 1,2,3 1 UCSF FAMRI Center of Excellence, University of California, San Francisco 2 Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco 3 Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco 4 San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, University […]

Self-assessed occupational health and working environment of female nurses, cabin crew and teachers

Herdis Sveinsdo´ ttir1 RN, PhD (Professor), Ho´ lmfrı´ður Gunnarsdo´ ttir2 Msc, PhD (Senior Researcher) and Hildur Friðriksdo´ ttir3 MS (Research Assistant) 1Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, 2Research Center for Occupational Health & Well-being, Administration of Occupational Safety & Health and 3Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavı´k, Iceland Download the article: Flight Attendant […]